michael mitchell (krakmunky69) wrote in da_house,
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the library

in one corner of the house is a round room that goes through each floor the room is a library the walls are covered in all kinds of books and the stairs spiral all along the walls all entrances and exits are concealed by bookshelves. the roof to this room is stained glass and its a pentagram with symbols for the elements in thier proper directions. all the shelves are that deep rich wood like in the movies. on the floor is a single oak desk with a computer on it all the wiring goes through the floor so no powercords are visible. the lights on the walls are round soft light. there are reading nooks recessed into the walls and perfectly hidden by bookshelfed doors. the nooks themselves are small rooms with couches and small windows that let a perfect amount of light through, the rooms are soundproofed and each one has a small stereo in it. there are two of these small rooms on each floor one to catch the morning light and the other for the afternoon light.
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